Organic agriculture in the Philippines: a training manual

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Organic agriculture is a holistic system of crop and livestock production that promotes the health of agricultural ecosystems while producing healthy food. It uses diverse cultural and biological practices to control weeds and pests, build soil fertility, enhance biological cycles and increase biodiversity. This manual elaborates the principles and practices of organic agriculture in the Philippines. It provides practical information on soil management, organic crop and livestock production,

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    Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)

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Mark Anthony Martin Diaz   May 18, 2023

Marc Clarence Dematera Dacullo   Jun 29, 2023

Leo Verdad   Jul 21, 2023

Jonalyn S. Binbing   Aug 28, 2023

The manual is clear and I just downloaded this material to check if it allows me to download the material online. I just created an account today, August 28, 2023 and I am checking if I can still use and navigate all the features this website has to offer. I am glad that this rating box is still here which is same as the old website. I like the look of the new online library, it is easy to navigate and you won't get confused on each category unlike the old one. Thank you for upgrading this website! Good Job!

Jose Jr. Jurado Dayag   Nov 07, 2023